Following boards are operated as manager and control agents of the MTA-PE Translational Glycomics Group


Board of directors

Prof Andras Gelencser - rector, University of Pannonia --->

Dr Ferenc Hartung - dean, University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology --->

Dr Miklos Idei, - director, MTA TKI --->

Dr Ferenc Darvas - CEO, ThalesNano Inc. --->


Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Sandor Gorog, academician --->

Prof Barry L. Karger, director, The Barnett Institute, USA --->

Prof John Yates, group leader, The Scripps Research Institute, USA --->

Dr Frantisek Foret, deputy head, Institute of Analytical Chemistry --->


Medical Advisory Board

Prof Jozsef Timar, director, SOTE II. sz. Pathology --->

Prof Laszlo Takacs, professor, University of Debrecen --->

Dr Jozsef Tovari, department leader, National Institute of Onclogy --->


Operative Advisory Board

Prof Janos Abonyi, vice-dean --->

Dr Istvan Rajta, scientist --->

Dr Peter Furjes ,laboratory leader --->

Dr Tibor Chovan, assistant professor --->