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30 May 2017

Our research group lead by Andras Guttman was awarded by  Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award by The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for outstanding role in bioanalitics and interdisciplinary researh for glycomics of rare cells. The official awarding ceremony was held in Gundel. The prize includes a pine which is the logo of The Swedish Chamber of Commerce. It was offered by Arboretum Folly and was planted ceremoniously in the garden of University of Pannonia.

glikomika gran pize 3


25-27 April 2017

Balázs Reider, PhD student of the research group, presented his actual results at the Chemical Engineering Days 2017 conference.


26-29 March 2017

Gabor Jarvas took an oral presentation at the 33rd International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations in Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands. His presentation was about Glucose Unit Calculation For Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis Without The Use Of The Maltooligosaccharide Ladder.


6 March 2017

Andras Guttman, the head of our research group, received the 2017 Dal Nogare Award of the Delaware Valley Chromatography Forum.

17-19 October 2016

Our latest results were published at the CECE 2016 conference in Brno, as oral and poster presentations.See more information here.



8 September 2016

Marton Szigeti, PhD Student of Andras Guttman, took an oral presentation at the Annual Symposium of the Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine in Debrecen. The title of his presentation was Glycomical analysis of circulating tumor cells using lab-on a chip technique: Glycan analysis development for capillary electrophoresis.


26-28 April 2016

Horvath Csaba Memorial Exhibition was opened at the Chemical Engineering Days 2016 conference. Since then the exhibition has been taking place at the 8th floor in the Building I of University of Pannonia. With this exhibition we commemorate the denominator of our laboratory who firstly recognised the importance of HPLC in bioanalitical chemistry.


H Cs utolso fenykep

3-7 April 2016

Gabor Jarvas presented his new results at 32nd International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations in Niagara-on-the-lake in Canada. The title of his presentation was Introducing GUcal: A new application for capillary electrophoresis based glycan analysis.

msb 2016


15-16 September 2015

Gabor Jarvas took presentation with the title of 'Design, validation and evaluation of bioaffinity based flow-biochemistry devices' at Flow Chemistry Congress 2015.


Our PhD student, Marton Szigeti, won Campus Hungary Scholarship. Thanks to the support, she can improve her skills on analytical techniques used in bioseparation science at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, USA.

21-23 April 2015

Our latest results were published at the Chemical Engineering Days 2015 conference as oral and poster presentations. Link.

17-20 March 2015

Our PhD student, Marton Szigeti, earned the Student Grant of CASSS ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE in Berlin.

18 December 2014

Andras Guttman, the leader of our research group was awarded by International Dennis Gabor Award for his outstanding role in bioanalitics. The awarding ceremony was held in the Hungarian Parliament. About the award - link.  Interview: link.

20-22 October 2014

We published our latest results at CECE 2014 as oral and poster presentations. More details: www.ce-ce.org

6 September 2014

Prof Andras Guttman awarded by Faculty of Information Technology, University of Pannonia with Pro Scientia Medal for his outstanding publishing and research activity.

13 May 2014

Marton Szigeti won the Intra-Visegrad Scholarship. Thanks to this, we can improve our collaboration with Brno Institute of Analytical Chemistry on modeling of CE-ESI-MS coupling.

7 May 2014

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Committee of Hungarian Sciences Abroad awarded Prof Andras Guttman with Arany János medal. The award cedes the successful promotion of Hungarian sciences in foreign countries. More details in hungarian: link.

16 December 2013

Prof Andras Guttman took a presentation at "MTA Lendület Napok 2013". His speech was about the recent achievments of the group adressing a wider audience for sending a plain message that the Momentum III program is a valuable investment for the future. The public event reports about the results, plans and future perspectives. More info (in Hungarian): link.


21 November 2013

Prof Ferenc Friedler and Prof Andras Guttman officially opened teh laboratories of the MTA-PE Translational Glycomics Research Group during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Prof Friedler talked about the importance of the laboratory. He highlighted the unique composition of three factors, an excellent professor, an Academy and a University, which were necessary for the establishment of the lab. The professor holds the knowledge, the Academy supports the research and the University hosts their work. More reports: link1, link2, link3, link4, link5, link6, link7, link8.


2 December 2013

Our PhD student, Judit Bodnar, won the Short study at abroad support of "Campus Hungary" grant committee. Thanks to the support, she can improve her skills on analytical techniques used in bioseparation science at Analytical Chemistry Institute Brno. More info: link


8 October 2013

The CASSS International Separation Science Society awarded the "CASSS CE Pharm 2013" to Prof Andras Guttman. More details: link


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